Carpaccio sałatkowe z buraczków

500 ml

Carpaccio z gotowanych buraków zamiast wołowiny, to bardzo łatwa, smaczna i wykwintna przystawka na zimno, jak również oryginalna sałatka na kolację. Jeśli chcecie przygotować to danie w szybkiej wersji to możecie sięgnąć po gotowe, aromatycznie doprawione, marynowane; w oryginalnych plasterkach buraczki koktajlowo-sałatkowe „Carpaccio” firmy „Orzech”- nowość na polskim rynku kulinarnym.

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Grated Dinner Beets

900 ml

Classic grated beef, which we like all without exception. An excellent addition to dinner. They can be served in different versions: with onion, apple, paprika or fried. Pasteurized product.

Beet has only 38 kcal per 100 g of product. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. Beet root contains vitamins C, B1, folic acid, vitamins A and beta carotene. This is one of the best products for people with hypertension, for sufferers of anemia, are a good source of iron.

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Plum preserve with rum

285 ml

Our preserve are made from Polish plums of the butchers, but only from very ripe ones, which makes them very expressive in taste and color. Fruit puree is produced on thick sieves, which preserves the smooth consistency and full nutritional value of the fruit peel. At the end of the process we add Rum. These home-made preserve are always worth to have in your kitchen, as they are an excellent addition not only to bread, but also to pancakes, pastries and cakes.

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