Ready meals

Fried white cabbage

540 ml
Produkt bezglutenowy

This product is a return to tradition, addressed to people who value the speed and practical aspect of preparing a meal. Sauerkraut, delicate onion, subtle spices dipped in a delicate frying pan make up the whole of this unique product. The product does not contain artificial additives. After heated, it is a great addition to Polish dishes like pork knuckle or pork chop. Great combination with young potatoes as well as bread.

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Fried red cabbage

Fried red cabbage is a modern combination of quality and good taste. It is also a combination of culinary traditions of Silesian and Wielkopolska cuisine. After heated, it is an ideal addition to roast meats, Silesian dumplings or potatoes. A product made entirely of natural ingredients.

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Fried mixed vegetables

This product is another offer from the ready-meal menu. The secret is to combine the right proportions of stewed vegetables with carrot and celery in a delicate tomato sauce. The unique composition complements Mediterranean spices. All this makes that the fried vegetables surprise even the most picky gourmets. Perfect after heating, very warm, perfectly match with fish or white bread

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Sauerkraut stew

540 ml
Produkt bezglutenowy
Produkt bezglutenowy

This product is a tribute to people looking for home-based dishes, based on the best traditions of Old Polish cuisine. This dish is just a few of the full-blown descriptions of the descriptions, almost the admiration for the taste and aroma of this incredible combination of vegetables brought by Queen Bona. In our edition is a mixture of sauerkraut, fresh and many herbs and spices. Our version is true, but the richness of the spices, the presence of mushrooms and plums allowed us to obtain a dish of exceptional taste and aroma, extremely filling and warming.

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