Sauerkraut stew540 ml

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This product is a tribute to people looking for home-based dishes, based on the best traditions of Old Polish cuisine. This dish is just a few of the full-blown descriptions of the descriptions, almost the admiration for the taste and aroma of this incredible combination of vegetables brought by Queen Bona. In our edition is a mixture of sauerkraut, fresh and many herbs and spices. Our version is true, but the richness of the spices, the presence of mushrooms and plums allowed us to obtain a dish of exceptional taste and aroma, extremely filling and warming.


White cabbage (30 %), sauerkraut 30% (white cabbage, salt), water, canola oil, onion, mushrooms, carrot, plums, tomato concentrate, sugar, salt, spieces, dried forest mushrooms.

Nutrition declaration

fat of which saturates
carbohydrate of which sugars

Logistic information

net weight:
gross weight (piece/carry pack/pallet):
number of pieces in a carry pack:
number of carry pack on the layer:
number of pieces on the layer:
number of pieces on the pallet:
480 g
749 g / 5,99 kg / 672 kg

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